Dreams that heal

The year 2000 brought many wonderful blessings! I was seeing more and more light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. I was feeling better, my back was healing and I was gaining strength on so many levels. I worked extremely hard to pay off all of my debt! I held my own private ceremony as I cut up my credit cards and vowed never to put myself through that again. In previous years my ex-husband had separated himself from any responsibility of mine or my children’s needs so it became second nature to use credit cards when my pay check couldn’t stretch enough to cover needs. Even if it was hard to survive from here on out I would not depend on credit cards to save me anymore. It was so deeply freeing and liberating. I surrendered myself to the journey ahead, i embraced the unknown with trust like a child. I was having vivid dreams, incredible dreams that came with messages of healing. Creator was speaking directly to me through my dreams. The still small voice of my Creator that spoke to my heart at the time in my life I needed to hear it the most was now speaking to me in another way, in the dream world. In one of these incredible sleep visions I found myself in the deepest and darkest part of the ocean. The waves were huge, over taking me, crashing over me without mercy. I could barely keep my head above the water or hold my breath long enough to brace myself for the next swell. I could not see anything, no lights from a distant shore, absolutely nothing but darkness and water. I called out for God and begged for help when suddenly a large, firm platform of some type came up underneath me. It stopped at the surface of the water as I rested upon it securely, safe from the massive, powerful waves. I looked around on all sides, trying to determine what I was sitting on. I thought the Almighty had sent Johah’s whale to save me. Yes, it just had to be a whale! The massive object started to move slow and steady through the water remaining at the surface as I rested upon it. I felt so safe as it moved along that I laid back and relaxed my weary body. I stopped worrying about what it was, whale or some kind of creature. Although I was curious it didn’t really seem to matter. I stared up at a beautiful starry night sky and I felt a peace I had never known. I could feel a cool breeze, I could hear the sound of the water. I didn’t know where I would end up but I felt it was a lesson in trusting that I would be delivered from this danger that could have easily taken my life. I’m not sure how much time had gone by but eventually I sat up and straight ahead of me and my mysterious traveling platform was a shore line lit up by bright lights. It was at that moment it was confirmed and I understood that I was being saved and carried to safety. I anxiously and eagerly anticipated my arrival to more shallow waters and sure enough at the shore, in about a four foot depth of this sea, I was released there. I waded effortlessly to reach the sand and as I went I turned around to look behind and try to see I if I could catch a glimpse of this unknown savior that had rescued me. What I saw brought me to my knee’s and as long as I live I will never forget what my eyes witnessed. I saw a hand larger then life, palm turned up. A gentle hand slowly retreating back into the dark waters of the ocean, slowly it disappeared as quietly as it came up beneath me. I knew at that moment the very hand of God had saved me. My Creator was showing me and confirming to me through this dream that He would not forsake me. He was reminding me that through every storm He had been there and would continue to be the strong hand that would hold and guide and save me. I felt this so deep in my heart, it was a silent sort of knowing that this was the message. I woke up at that point and I cried, I was so grateful. What a wonderful blessing to know that the Creator of the Universe took the time to show His love for me, that I was worthy of saving, that I was loved and my existence was important. It was life changing for me. I’ve had dreams all of my life as far back as I can remember. I was two years old when I started having flying dreams, I would rise up into the air and fly, I went places. At five years old I started having out of body dreams. Sometimes I would watch myself sleep and I would travel and come back to myself again. I’ve never tried to analyze this or think too hard on it, I have accepted it as a gift and try to learn from all the experiences. Going back to the year 2000 when I was given this dream of the Creators strong, saving hand I had many more dreams that followed and I accepted them all with gratitude. I knew it was leading me to a new and better life where I could finally be healed, I felt good things were coming. I had hope and prayed a soul mate would be revealed in the near future but for that I would have to be patient. After all I had been through waiting would be quite okay. (To be continued) 

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