Connecting hearts ....

 I said I would share our story, going back to the beginning of when Fabian and I met. That’s when both of our lives changed forever in the most beautiful way. And so I will, blog by blog, tell my story, our story.  I prayed for my soul mate so many years ago and Creator heard me. It didn’t come without a price or without pain. Any blessing I’ve ever received in my life has not come without challenges, lessons and enlightenment. The light does not exist without the darkness.  

How often do we spend time with people, friends, family and yet do not know their story of all the experiences, joys, and heartaches they’ve suffered? We barely touch the surface if at all sometimes. Then one day we share some life event and the other person says “ hey I went through that too”. Or “omg I never knew”.  Then, ultimately, hearts and souls connect.  

I want to share our journey with you all, thus far, so you know who we truly are, where we’ve been and how each one of us are all connected by very similar experiences.   

In my next blog I’ll begin with the year 1997;  five years before I met my sweetheart Fabian ❤️ 🙏🏽 = (Love & Gratitude) 

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