Hello family! I received an absolutely eye opening and inspirational newsletter this morning from a dear friend. It made me think and brought me to a new and important focus in my own life. I’ve been too preoccupied with things that deplete my heart & soul. Easy to do at times. I’ve needed to remember the importance of putting my energy and time into those things that not only bring growth and joy to myself but that also inspire those around me. The newsletter took me all the way back to almost 20 years ago, when Fabian and I decided to take a step of faith and make music and dancing as our means to survival. So many years ago we both quit our jobs and embarked on this journey together! In my next Blog post I will take you to that place in our lives as I recount those moments that ultimately led to where we are today. It will be an ongoing blog basically of sharing our lives and our journey with you all. All the joy and the pain. Stay tuned, ❤️ 🙏🏽 = (Love & Gratitude) 

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