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Wind blows softly on my face
I feel but cannot see
A power greater than myself
reveals itself to me

And I stand where bloody feet once walked
Where earth and teardrops met
In this quiet place, so long ago
Creation surely wept
For we are one with every living thing
From the greatest to the small
To desecrate one sacred life
brings destruction to us all

Everything is one thing
Everything is one thing
I feel what you feel and you
feel what I feel
Everything is one thing

I look up to the heavens
To see a mystery unfold
A million stars like diamonds
With stories to be told

The creatures of the night
Answer to the call of the wild
The wolf cries out to a hunters moon
I feel as fragile as a child

Everything is one thing
Everything is one thing
I hurt when you hurt
And you hurt when I hurt
Everything is one thing

We are all connected, we are all related