Where the spirit wind reminds me of who I am ”

— Shelley Morningsong

Fabian Fontenelle and Shelley Morningsong perform side by side

as they present traditional and contemporary Native American dances and songs!

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Shelley Morningsong Wins Big at 2019 Native American Music Awards
Renowned artist charts new territory, wins Artist of the Year, Best Blues Recording awards

NIAGARA FALLS, NY, [Date] – Shelley Morningsong’s latest album, Simple Truth, is an artistic departure from her previous work. Fans and critics went along for the ride, making Simple Truth the best-selling album of Morningsong’s14-year career and earning her the Best Blues Recording and Artist of the Year awards at this year’s Native American Music Awards.

It’s fitting that Morningsong’s NAMA triumph recognized her most daring work to date. Simple Truth collects 11 intensely personal songs written and reworked over the last 20 years.Originally written for accompaniment by the Northern Cheyenne artist’s celebrated flute playing, they took on new life when Morningsong reimagined them for guitar.

The resulting set of blues- and R&B-infused songs, recorded with a full band, was something of a curveball for long-time fans. Morningsong is no stranger to critical acclaim: this is her second Artist of the Year NAMMY, and her 2010 album Full Circle was named Record of the Year at the 2011 awards. But she couldn’t be sure how Simple Truth would be received.

“By the time I decided to release these songs, I knew that they’d come as a surprise to my fan base,” Morningsong remembers with a smile. “Musically, my previous work was deeply traditional, and I’d always written about Native American themes. Living with these songs for so long, turning them over and over, encouraged me to try some new things, some new settings.”

Blending Native American and blues-based musical traditions is something of a tradition in and of itself, as artists from Bo Diddley to Indigenous have recognized. 

“What I found is that even in a nontraditional setting, a Native American song is a Native American song,” Morningsongnotes. “And by the same token, a good song is a good song, no matter what history it draws from, no matter who’s listening. I’m grateful that my fans seem to have heard the same things, and that NAMA did, too.”

Morningsong continues to tour behind her full catalog of songs, performing with her husband, Zuni/Omaha dancer, drummer, and storyteller Fabian Fontenelle.

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