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Shelley Morningsong's brand new, upcoming Cd for 2018 named “Simple Truth” is destined to be another award winning album! This new Cd is a collection of songs Shelley has written over a period of 20 years along with two cover tunes that are close to her heart. Simple Truth tells the story of some of Shelley's deepest joys and painful experiences over the years. In this collection of songs she sings of the joy of becoming a Mother and Grandmother, the pain of lost relationships, the true love she found in her soul mate and husband Fabian Fontenelle. Part way through this new and ground breaking project Shelley decided to record two of her favorite cover tunes that are a part of her journey; California Dreaming, written and recorded by the Mama's & Papa's and also Wade in the Water, an old gospel song written by J.W. Alexander. This collection of songs is sure to move your soul with it's heart laid open and honest lyrics. Shelley loves contemporary music and has written these new songs in several styles including blues, reggae and folk. Simple Truth is truly a journal of experiences, suffering and joy. As with all songs that Shelley Morningsong writes and sings she wishes Simple Truth to be an offering of love and hope for those who need redemption and healing.

Where the spirit wind reminds me of who I am ”

— Shelley Morningsong

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